Carpet Cleaning

Services Austin, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Services - Austin, Texas

Through harnessing the power of hot, carbonated bubbles, we are able to extract more dirt and grime from your carpets. This innovated approach to carpet cleaning also allows us to use less water, meaning that your carpet dried is 1-2 hours instead of one to two days. Our top-of-the-line cleaner, The Natural, is health, green, and doesn't leave any sticky residue like traditional carpet shampooing. 


Upholstery Cleaning - Austin, Texas 

Our upholstery cleaning is the best there is! Whether your sofa is leather, suede, or fabric, we can make your couch look like brand new. You can count on us to treat your couch like the important member of your family that it is. Our innovative cleaning products are safe and powerful and allow us to clean almost any stain. If we can't get clean it, it can't be cleaned.

Pet Urine Removal Treatment - Austin, Texas

We love our pets, but we love our homes too. Sometimes, unfortunately, these two things don't exactly coexist. Pets leave all kinds of owners and sometimes stains that can damage our carpet and upholstery. Luckily, we can help! Our innovative Pet Urine Removal Treatment cleans pet stains better than traditional cleaning treatments. Give us a call today.

Tile, Stone, and Grout Cleaning - Austin, Texas

Stone and tile can make any house look class. Unfortunately, they get dirty quick. It is easy to let layers of film and grime build up. Before you know it, your tile looks worn and gross. Cleaning tile is a pain in the neck, so let the professionals do it! Here at Meek's Family Chem-Dry, we can make your tile look like new.

Specialty Stain Removal - Austin, Texas

Sometimes stains happen that you may not even know how to start cleaning. Well, start by calling Meek's Family Chem-Dry! If we can't remove a stain, then it can't be removed!

Area Rug Cleaning - Austin, Texas

Nothing pulls a room together like a beautiful area rug. However, rugs get a lot of foot traffic and a lot a wear. To keep your rug, and the room it's in, looks nice it is important to get your area rug professionally cleaned. Let the experts at Meek's Family Chem-Dry take care of you and your rug.