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Carpet Cleaning Cedar Park, TX

Carpet Cleaning Cedar park

We understand that life can get busy - we’ve all been there! Sometimes your carpets get that grey “traffic area” strip down the middle, and as much as you’d love to take care of it, you just don’t have the time! Let us handle it for you. At Chem-Dry, you can trust us to treat your carpets like we would our own. There’s a reason Chem-Dry is the number one brand for carpet cleaning. We’ve proven time and again that our innovative solutions are the best out there, so give us a chance to prove it to you!.

Our Cedar Park carpet cleaning service is made superior by way of our primary cleaning solution, The Natural®. Carpet cleaning in Cedar Park is perfected by The Natural®, which is made with ingredients copied from Mother Nature, cleaning and refreshing your home the healthy way. The Natural® is safe and non-toxic, making you less worried about harmful chemicals effecting your family’s health. The Natural® is fed into our Hot Carbonation Extraction system that purges dirt and grime deep within your carpet's fibers. The Cedar Park carpet cleaning industry has now bolstered its lineup with Meeks Family Chem-Dry's superior carpet cleaning service. Our carpet cleaning technicians are kind and polite, giving you the timely carpet cleaning service you deserve.

Our master technicians are certified to efficiently clean your carpets with our patented carbonated cleaning solution. You’ll notice the difference! Microscopic cleansing bubbles penetrate deep down in your carpet fibers to remove dirt and grime. Working just like club soda on a stained shirt, our cleaning solutions presented by our expert technicians get the job done right, and work quickly to remove stains and dirt spots.

The primary cleaning solution at Meeks Family Chem-Dry is green certified; this means that it is safe and non-toxic. This is important to our customers in search of green carpet cleaning in Cedarpark, TX. Our company won’t place your pets or your household in harm’s way. Our organization works to help allergy sufferers, not make them more miserable, so our method won’t heighten any sensitivities you might have. There isn’t a way for mold or mildew to grow simply because our process allows carpets to dry so easily. Instead of an overwhelming chemical scent, you will be left with the smell of just like new carpets!

With the most superior carpet cleaning service in Cedarpark, TX, you can rely on Meeks Family Chem-Dry to clean your property aided by the best processes for you and your family!


Cedar Park Carpet Cleaning Hot Carbonating Extraction Process

Our hot carbonating extraction process in Cedar Park uses the effectiveness of carbonation to in essense explode the dirt off the carpet fibers.This technique uses a small amount water, but delivers amazing results. This technique uses extremely little water, but delivers superbfinal results. We also excel in removing strains from nail polish, ink, lipstick, and more. Another great thing that we offer is our amazing pet urine removal process that continually works on the smell and the stain long after our technician leaves. Carpet Cleaning in Cedar Park has never been better than the clean you get from Innovative Chem-Dry. After you look at the final results we can deliver, you won't want to use another steam cleaning company again. Steam technology is old technology. The power now is in carbonating and now we supply the best carpet cleaning Cedar Park presents.

Pet Stains Don’t Have to Be a Nuisance

Meeks Family Chem-Dry prides ourselves on being able to handle stains of any nature, and that includes pet stains. Pet stains are harder to get out than other stains at times, as they can leave behind pesky urine crystals that do not come out with superficial cleaning methods. This means that you have to obtain a deeper clean to fully get rid of the urine crystals. Meeks Family Chem-Dry has just the solution that you need for your pet stain problems, and we would be more than happy to help you in any way that we can. We start by getting the visual stain out of the carpet by using the powerful process of Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE). We then continue to rise above the competition with our carpet cleaning by using our special formula to destroy those urine crystals at the molecular level. This destroys not only the crystals themselves, but replaces the odor that the crystals typically leave with a fresh scent that leaves your house more pleasant and homely than before. We assure you that you will love the fresh new look and smell of your carpet after we are done!